Appalachian Spirits


First Craft Distillery in the Oldest County of West Virginia.

Liberal tasting opportunity. 

Open April thru November  - Noon to dusk Wed-Sat.

RADA Brand Appalachian Spirits are sold in 50 mil., 200 ml. , 375 ml.  and 750 ml. bottles.

 Private labeling available on flasks, antique bottles, or monogrammed Oak Barrels.

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Hampshire style Gin made from 100% twice distilled spirits with flavor of juniper, coriander, bergamot, and wild carrot True brandy made from 100% grapes grown in the Potomac Highlands of West Virginia Distilled, then barreled from hand-crushed apples pressed and allowed to ferment. The subtle flavor of apple is enhanced with pure apple juice.  Our flagship batch whiskies each have their own unique quality. Distinctive flavors of traditional American Whiskey. Compare our premium batches to Bourbon.  Made from 100% pure cane sugar and molasses, select spices and stored in slightly toasted oak barrels.  A premium moonshine, Howlin Shine, is made from selected whiskies and flavored with apple, pear, and a dash of   cinnamon, (sweet)


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Moon shine still  (Lusaka, Zambia 2005)

boot leg still in Lusaka Zambia

  1. Back story: A puny 1 room shanty house on the other side of this neighbor's wall

  2. lived an 11 year old girl taking care of two younger siblings

  3. and a her bedridden grandmother.

  4. Her parents both dead from HIV/AIDS.